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Man of Notes

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Everyone faces a situation where they need reliable notes, one of the major problems faced by the students especially in University is to find the notes for their subjects. The unavailability of finding the appropriate resources makes it difficult for the students to prepare rigorously for their exams and thus not able to perform well. There are numerous applications that try to give solutions to the above problems like providing their own curated resources or allowing the teachers to communicate with the students. These applications are expensive, they do not focus on the user and provide their own notes and are available for limited time etc. The sources of reliable notes are not free of cost and are hard to find them separately. There is not existing platform that focuses on this critical situation.

Man of Notes is a platform that focuses on providing notes to its users. This will allow users to browse documents and links that are available online and all are saved in one place. The repository will develop over time and will get richer as users can upload their documents too. This allows the application to be unique and will help other users to get better fabricated notes.

This platform will use google text analysis tools to rate the documents and links, hence will filter and bring the best content out of the repository. Apart from the repository, the platform will have a forum where they can chat or discuss topics privately or publicly. That means if a user wants to ask specific question to another user, it can be facilitated easily or if his/her topics are open, they can directly share it publicly and other users can respond to it. Read Full Report

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