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Car Rental Management Architecture

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

India is currently one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. However, it is a country with the maximum air pollution related deaths. Instead of producing more cars, if the existing cars were used more effectively, there would be a decline in air pollution rates in the country. Car rentals can prove instrumental to change this landscape. Current car rental services like Zoomcar, Myles and LetMeDrive face issues of being too expensive and some of them require high initial deposits to be used. Further, they are not very transparent in their operations.

CARMA is a peer to peer car rental service which will allows people to list out their cars for rent and allows other people to rent out these cars. This provides a use to old cars and is relatively lower priced to allow all types of people the opportunity to rent a car. It helps to address some of the limitations of the existing systems, which provides an intuitive and pleasant car rental experience.

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User Interface

Mobile application mock up

Block chain implementation mockup

Windows application





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